Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Best Cheap Colleges Universities in California

1. San Diego State University–Imperial Valley

 Calexico, Calif.

Imperial Valley is one of San Diego State University’s satellite campuses, as well as one of the cheapest colleges in California. SDSU, Imperial Valley is about two hours east of the city, and it is in a unique position as it is situated right next to the Mexican border. Indeed the city on the U.S. side is called Calexico, and on the Mexican side it’s called Mexicali. This provides students with a unique opportunity to take advantage of the location and gain experience working with a diverse population.
Tuition: $5,706
Room and Board: $11,076
Student Population: 883
Acceptance Rate: 61%

2. California State University–Monterey Bay

 Seaside, Calif.

CSU Monterey Bay offers over 60 undergraduate degrees, including an online degree completion program in Computer Science Information Technology, which is a potent blend of programming and problem solving germane to the information technology (IT) field. CSU Monterey Bay is located in beautiful coastal california just across the street from the bay for which it is named. It is also just about 30 minutes from Santa Cruz, one of America’s surfing capitals.
Tuition: $5,963
Room and Board: $9,748
Student Population: 5,732
Acceptance Rate: 44%

3. California State University–Dominguez Hills

Carson, Calif.

CSU, Dominguez Hills offers over 40 majors, most of which feature multiple concentrations. For instance, their business degree features eleven concentrations, including entrepreneurship, accounting, finance, international business, information systems and marketing. CSUDH is located in LA County, just slightly north of Long Beach. CSUDH focuses on providing students with degrees that will be popular with employers and useful for students as they enter the beginning stages of successful careers.
Tuition: $6,100
Room and Board: $10,956
Student Population: 14,670
Acceptance Rate: 57%

4. California State University–Fullerton

 Fullerton, Calif.

CSU Fullerton offers a wide variety of programs, over 50 of which are at the undergraduate level. These programs feature everything from philosophy, to radio-TV-film and a whole bunch in between. The school offers four languages, as well as degrees in international business, political science and public administration, all of which can use bilingual people. There are many interesting and diverse options offered by Fullerton, and a creative student could make a lot out of those options.
Tuition: $6,186
Room and Board: $12,816
Student Population: 38,325
Acceptance Rate: 46%

5. California State University–Long Beach

 Long Beach, Calif.

Go to school at one of the most beautiful places in the world. Long Beach California is one of the state’s most celebrated stretches of coastline, and you’ll be right there. Be careful, though; the beautiful environment may distract you from your studies. The campus is beautiful and features a strong arts program, which includes dance, design, music, theater and more. CSULB also provides students with many volunteer opportunities within the community.
Tuition: $6,240
Room and Board: $11,352
Student Population: 35,586
Acceptance Rate: 31%

6. California State University–Fresno

  Fresno, Calif.

Fresno State is home to many research centers and a great place for students looking to conduct research, even as an undergraduate. Centers and institutes that you can find at CSU Fresno include the California Agricultural Technology Institute, California Water Institute, Central Valley Educational Leadership Institute, Institute for Public Anthropology and many more.
Tuition: $6,287
Room and Board: $10,440
Student Population: 23,060
Acceptance Rate: 58%

7. California State University–Los Angeles

  Los Angeles, Calif.

The number of degree programs CSULA offers is quite large. This is one of the largest public universities in the state. The school also has a great rate of acceptance. The major reason Calif. public universities have such low acceptance rates compared to many other state universities is because of how many applicants they receive each semester. With a school as popular as CSULA, make sure you apply early.
Tuition: $6,344
Room and Board: $10,852
Student Population: 23,258
Acceptance Rate: 68%

8. California State Polytechnic University–Pomona

 Pomona, Calif.

Cal Poly at Pomona is one of two polytechnic universities in the state. The meaning of polytechnic is “skilled in many arts.” One would describe somebody that has mastered many fields to be a polymath. Polytechnic schools examine problems from the perspective of multiple disciplines, and they train students to understand and utilize many approaches to problem-solving and creation.
Tuition: $6,350
Room and Board: $12,852
Student Population: 22,501
Acceptance Rate: 52%

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