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Best Affordable Online Master's Degrees in USA

      Master of Architecture
Lawrence Technological University’s Master of Architecture consolidates hypothesis with training and underscores the mix of specialized, social, and natural standards in engineering.

The Master of Architecture program offers you the scholastic accreditations for proficient permitting and admission to the field of design. It plans understudies for deep rooted learning through basic practice and intends to create planners who are focused on imaginative request, basic considering, inventive outline, suggestive correspondence, and expert initiative.

      Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
Earn your MBA at one of the best: Western New England University
Accredited by AACSB International
The best business colleges on the planet are licensed by AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Western New England University is the main private foundation in western Massachusetts certify by AACSB International and less than 5% of business programs on the planet to hold this accreditation.

AACSB speaks to the most astounding standard of accomplishment for business colleges around the world. Part foundations affirm their sense of duty regarding quality and nonstop change through a thorough and far reaching multi-year survey.

This prestigious endorsement demonstrates to major corporation and accounting firms seeking high-caliber employees that your education has prepared you to succeed and lead.
They recognize that graduates of AACSB International accredited programs represent the best of the best.
Affordable Excellence
Tuition for the 2014-2015 academic year is $771 per credit. The MBA consists of 36 graduate credits, which totals $27,756 for your degree, making Western New England University one of the most affordable AACSB accredited programs in New England.

     MEd Globalization and Educational Change
Specialize in delivering online doctoral and master’s degrees in Education, as well as credit bearing Certificate programs.
Degree and certificate programs require that enrolled online students attend 2 face-to- face summer institutes, where during each summer session they can earn up to 9 credits at our Bethlehem, Pennsylvania campus.
All other program courses are delivered through an online internet platform during the fall and spring semesters allowing our students to stay in their home countries and study during those semesters.
Students who are non-residents would have appropriate visa application documents sent to them for their summer study on our campus. The summer program consists of 3 nine day sessions during the months of June and July, students can complete a 3 credit course in each of the sessions. During this time they can take one, two or three courses.

     Master in International Business
The Webber International University concentration in International Business seeks to prepare the graduates with skills important to a career in various international business settings. The student development focus is on theoretical and applied concepts applicable to businesses operating in multinational arenas.
Academic Requirements
Summary of Requirements
MBA610 Information Systems for Management Decisions
MBA618 Financial Reporting
MBA632 Global Economic Environment
MBA635 Quantitative Research Methods for Business
MBA640 Marketing Philosophy and Management
MBA647 Innovation, New Products and Services, & E-Commerce
MBA662 Financial Decision Making
Specific International Business MBA Requirements
MBA681 International Finance & Investments
MBA682 International Business & Management
MBA683 International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MBA684 Travel Experience in International Business
MBA689 Global Strategy
Webber International Univeristy encourages students to submit their applications online.
However, if you do not wish to apply online, you may download and print the application.

     Executive LL.M. in International Business Law
A world-class international business law degree designed for today's international practitioner. BU Law's Executive LL.M. in International Business Law program is a 20-credit blended learning graduate programthat gives presentation profoundly themes of worldwide business hone. The program, which is interested in U.S. what's more, outside prepared universal practitoners, offers an inventive and thorough mixed learning group that fuses escalated two-week private periods with best in class remove learning. Highlights include:  Flexibility and customization
Complete the program in less than one year or take up to four years to graduate.
Fulfill your Boston or Budapest residencies in as little as one summer session, or distribute your 2-week on-campus modules over one year or several years; or complete one-third of the program entirely online.
Continue working while studying, thereby minimizing professional, personal, and financial disruption to you and your employer.

      Master of Legal Studies at Washington University School of Law
The online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree from Washington University School of Law offers an in-depth perspective of the U.S. legal system and develops practical skill sets used by attorneys – debate, analytical thinking, legal writing, and more. Intended for non-legal counselors, the degree gives understudies the legitimate intuition expected to propel their vocations in a wide assortment of callings – from business to human services. Conveyed altogether online through @WashULaw, the program mixes live, eye to eye classes with self-managed coursework that is planned and instructed by Washington University School of Law workforce. Alumni of the online Master of Legal Studies program get an indistinguishable degree from on-grounds hopefuls, take an interest in graduation, and join the worldwide Washington University School of Law alumni network.

      Online Master of Science in Organizational Management (MSOM)
The Master of Science in Organizational Management (MSOM) program is 100% online designed for students with a Bachelor’s degree in business, or a related field. The degree includes 37 Credits of graduate level courses which are designed to enhance the career opportunities as well as knowledge and skills of leaders and administrators. The program provides students with a 37-credit core curriculum of in-depth leadership and organizational management topics. This MSOM degree program includes the key organizational leadership elements of ethics, motivation, creativity, vision, strategic planning, teamwork, group development, technology, customer service and organizational development.
The MSOM program is a professional degree designed to support the development of managers to ensure the organization’s staff is organized, trained, guided, and motivated in such a way as to reach their greatest potential. The MSOM provides a broad based perspective of organizational leadership and the student gains the knowledge and competencies needed to support the organization in its effort to fulfill its missions. Finally, the MSOM promotes opportunities for career advancement, employment mobility and lifelong learning opportunities for leaders of organizations.

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