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Phoenix University Online Degree Programs

University of Phoenix offers adult education programs tailored for the working adult. With the nation’s largest private accredited university, earning a degree from University of Phoenix will provide the following benefits:

The ability to maintain both your career and personal life
Classes that are offered at convenient times and places
A selection of over 100 University of Phoenix campus locations across the country
Your professional training and previous education could qualify for college credit
An online learning format if you decide to earn your degree online
An alumni network of more then 750,000 alumni in more than 130 countries
A road map to help connect your educational experience to your professional goals

University of Phoenix Classes
University of Phoenix offers classes that are designed for working professionals like you. Classes are held in the evening or sometimes on the weekends, so you don’t have to give up your job or personal life. Best of all the one-course-at-a-time model offered at University of Phoenix lets you focus on specific material, while structured learning teams help you apply course material to real-world situations. University of Phoenix offers a unique approach that allows you to maintain your career and personal life while you earn your college degree at a local campus or online.
University of Phoenix Degree Programs
University of Phoenix offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the areas of:

1 - Business
2 - Criminal justice
3 - Education
4 - Healthcare
5 - Human services
6 - Management
7 - Nursing
8 - Psychology
9 - Technology

University of Phoenix’s program curriculum is continually updated to include the skills and expertise that are in high demand. And University of Phoenix faculty members are successful industry leaders who average 16 years of practical experience. Below are some of the most popular courses offered by University of Phoenix. 

Business Programs
ü  Human Resource Management Certificate
ü  Project Management Certificate
ü  BS in Accounting
ü  BS in Business/Accounting
ü  BS in Business/Administration
ü  BS in Business/Finance
ü  BS in Business/Global Management
ü  BS in Business/Human Resource Management
ü  BS in Business/Management
ü  BS in Business/Marketing
ü  BS in Business/Project Management
ü  BS in Business/Public Sector
ü  BS in Business/Service Sector
ü  BS in Business/Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship
ü  BS in Business/Sustainable Enterprise Management
ü  BS in Management
ü  BS in Management/Manufacturing Sector
ü  Graduate Accounting Certificate
ü  Graduate Human Resources Management Certificate
ü  MBA (Master of Business Administration)
ü  MBA – Accounting
ü  MBA – Energy Management
ü  MBA – Finance
ü  MBA – Global Management
ü  MBA – Health Care Management
ü  MBA – Human Resources Management
ü  MBA – Marketing
ü  MBA – Project Management
ü  MBA – Technology Management
ü  Master of Management
ü  Master of Science in Accountancy

Law & Criminal Justice Programs
ü  BS in Criminal Justice Administration/Cybercrimes
ü  BS in Criminal Justice Administration/Human Services
ü  BS in Criminal Justice Administration/Management
ü  BS in Criminal Justice Administration/Security
ü  BS in Criminal Justice Administration/Institutional Healthcare
ü  BS in Organizational Security and    Management
ü  MS Public Administration
ü  MS Administration of Justice and Security
ü  MS Administration of Justice and Security/Global Homeland Security
ü  MS Administration of Justice and Security/Law Enforcement Organizations
Technology & IT Programs
ü  Information Systems Security Certificate
ü  Network + Technologies Certificate
ü  Visual Communication Certificate
ü  A+ Fundamentals Certificate
ü  AA in Information Technology/Desktop Support
ü  AA in Information Technology/General
ü  AA in Information Technology/Network Support
ü  BS in Information Technology/Multimedia and Visual Communications
ü  BS in Information Technology/Networking and Telecommunications
ü  BS in Information Technology/Advanced Networking
ü  BS in Information Technology/Business Systems Analysis
ü  BS in Information Technology/Information Management
ü  BS in Information Technology/Information Systems Security
ü  BS in Information Technology/Mobile Development
ü  BS in Information Technology/Software Engineering
ü  BS in Information Technology/Web Development
ü  MS in Information Science
Education Programs
ü  Administration and Supervision Certificate
ü  Continuing Education for Educators
ü  Transition to Teaching Certificate/Elementary
ü  Transition to Teaching Certificate/Secondary
ü  BS in Education/Elementary Teacher Education
ü  BS in Education/Elementary Teacher Education English/Language Arts Content Area
ü  BS in Education/Elementary Teacher Education Mathematics Content Area
ü  BS in Education/Elementary Teacher Education Science Content Area
ü  BS in Education/Elementary Teacher Education Social Studies Content Area
ü  BS in Liberal Studies
ü  Graduate California Teachers of English Learners Certificate
ü  Graduate Special Education Certificate
ü  MA in Education/Teacher Education Middle Level Generalist
ü  MA in Education/Administration and Supervision
ü  MA in Education/Elementary Teacher Education
ü  MA in Education/Secondary Teacher Education
ü  MA in Education/Special Education
ü  MA in Education/Teacher Education Middle Level
ü  MA in Education/Teacher Education Middle Level Mathematics
ü  MA in Education/Teacher Education Secondary Mathematics
ü  MA in Education/Teacher Education Secondary Science
ü  MA in Education/Teacher Leadership
ü  MA in Education/Secondary Teacher Education- High School/Middle Level

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